About DPM Charitable Hospital

The DPM Charitable Hospital Project is a non-profit philanthropic initiative of the Devi Foundation Trust that seeks to provide affordable and quality health services to the underprivileged.

We recognize that there is an immense dependency on the private sector for the provision of good health care because of the over-burdening of public sector hospitals. We aim to bridge the demand gap by providing quality healthcare services at affordable prices.

An efficient health care system is significant to the economy and development of our society and we are committed towards it. 

Our Vision

To reduce the effort and time incurred by the population on healthcare by increasing access to affordable and quality healthcare facilities, integrated system of Medicine to Improve total Healthcare.

Our vision is aligned with the United Nations Development Programme’s Sustainable Development Goals- particularly Goal number three which aims for the good health and well-being of the people.

We recognize that good health is a sine qua non for sustainable development. Wide inequalities in terms of access to good healthcare leaves a significant population of the country threatened and reduces productivity. It is a vicious cycle wherein lack of facilities or lack of access to facilities of healthcare plays a huge role in ensuring that the poor becomes poorer. Provision of quality healthcare is one of the most important steps towards bridging this gap and ending the cycle.

Our aim is not just the provision of quality healthcare but we also aim to provide consultation and educate people on good hygiene and practices to reduce the spread of airborne and waterborne diseases. We aim to educate people on practices that help curtail the spread of communicable diseases as well.

We aim to promote and educate people about vaccinations.

We acknowledge that the provision of affordable and quality primary healthcare can reduce the burden from secondary and tertiary systems and we are fully committed to this goal.